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Groovy Chick’s 10 To-Do’s before staging your home

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The days of baking a pie or loaf of bread for your open house are gone. That was a gimmick used to entice buyers to fall for home. A little tidying up, a familiar smell, and presto…the house was sold! Not anymore

Today, buyers shop online for their ideal home and they expect instant gratification. They don’t want to have to ‘deal with’ the previous owner’s style, neglect, or problems. The home seller’s best friend should be a home stager, who will guide them in what today’s buyer is expecting and it all begins with the consultation.

During our consultation (before the house is ready to be staged) I will recommend to the homeowner, things to do in order to sell their home quickly and for more money. Here are the 10 most common To-Dos:

#1 – CLEAN, Clean, clean! Buyers will be looking through your cupboards, closets, out your windows, at carpets, floors, ceiling fans, light switches, lights, counters, furniture, appliances inside and out. You get my drift…every nook and cranny! All surfaces must be able to pass the white glove test. Make sure that there are no cobwebs at ceiling level. Bathrooms and kitchen must be spotless.

#2 – Declutter. Any items that do not enhance the sale of the home must be removed. I have rental accessories to accent the rooms.

#3 – De-personalize. Please remove all family photos, diplomas, bills, jewelry, etc. These items cause a distraction to the buyer. Remember, they are buying the home to make their own memories.

#4 – Less is more. I will suggest removal of excess furniture or repurposing it elsewhere. We want to create a good traffic flow…not a road block.

#5 – Refresh the walls with a neutral paint colour. I can help with paint colour selection. Touch-up dings/paint/trim at the very least. Remove any wallpaper but if it must stay, make sure that edges are sealed. Buyers will notice!

#6 – No odours in the house please. This includes smoking, pets, strong cooking smells. If buyers smell something foreign to them, they will bolt. You can air out any odours prior to the open house or rent an air cleaning machine.

#7 – Fibres absorb odours. Replace old, worn-out, or stained carpeting. Shampoo if it’s newer but this may cause wall-to-wall carpeting to ripple and thus require stretching. Remove dark and heavy drapes. 

#8 – Fresh bedding and towels…preferably new and white.

#9 – Make minor repairs. Buyers will notice imperfections, when looking at trim, opening doors, walking on floors, turning on lights etc. 

#10 – The Exterior. Place blue boxes and garbage bins in garage. Weed or (at least) remove dandelion heads from lawns. Cut the grass, rake leaves, trim bushes, etc. Power wash outdoor furniture, deck/patio, driveway. Repaint the front door?

Bonus Tip – Moving is a stressful time and I don’t envy you but if possible, take some time away while the home is being shown. You’ve invested a lot of time and money in getting it ready for the market. Professional styling has made it magazine worthy. Why stress over having to constantly clean up and be ready to leave on short notice. Take a mini vacation if you can. You’ve worked hard and will be rewarded for it.

A home staging consultation with Groovy Chick Redesign and Home Staging is worth every penny. Any additional service will deliver as much as a 1,000% return on investment.

Contact info:
Email: catherine@groovychickdesign.com
Phone: 905-683-9136
Website: https://www.groovychickdesign.com/home



I Know the Guy!

line-drawing-handshakeWe’ve all received those flyers in the mail or on our doorstep, with offers from various people claiming to be the best at what they do… but we don’t know who they are. We don’t know if they are reputable or not. We ask around, preferring to hire someone that someone we know knows, or has hired with good results. It’s so important to know, like and trust someone we give our business to, but most of us don’t know that many people.

I belong to an organization called BNI that meets every Friday morning, a group that networks together and gives referral business to each other. I know people from different chapters and other organizations as well. These are people whom I’ve gotten to know, to like, and to trust myself. Let me try and help you…

  1. Are you in need of a knowledgable home inspector? I know the guy!
  2. Are you looking to buy hardwood flooring or office furniture? I know the guy!
  3. Would you like to promote your business with give away items? I know the guy!
  4. Are you looking for savings on carpets and installation? I know the guy!
  5. Do you need a good home and auto insurance agent? I know the guy!
  6. Are you looking to hire a good handyman? I know the guy!
  7. Do you have a website that needs updating or maintaining? Perhaps you want one designed for you? I know the guy!
  8. Are you looking for an experienced real estate agent? I know the guy!
  9. Do you need an accountant for your business or personal taxes? I know the guy!
  10. Do you suffer from back pain or another pain? Have you considered chiropractic care? I know the guy!
  11. Are you in need of a compassionate and experienced family lawyer? I know the guy!
  12. Are you looking to update your window coverings? I know the guy!
  13. Are you looking for a reputable health and disability insurance agent? I know the guy!
  14. Have you suffered an injury or been wrongfully dismissed? I know the lawyer!
  15. Are you looking for a printer with a quick turn around time? I know the guy!
  16. Have you ever considered using a mortgage agent instead of paying those high bank rates? I know the guy!
  17. Is your roof in need of repair or replacement? I know the guy!
  18. Does your car require servicing or new tires? I know the guy!
  19. Are you looking to replace your furnace, hot water tank, or air conditioner? I know the guy!
  20. Have you been looking for a knowledgable financial planner? I know the guy!
  21. Are you in need of snow removal, landscaping, a new deck or walkway? I know the guy!
  22. Does your family need an optometrist for their vision care? I know the guy!
  23. Has your property suffered damage from water, mould, smoke or fire? I know the clean-up guy!
  24. Are you looking for a good house painter? I know the guy!
  25. Are you moving? Do you want to hire a reputable company? I know the guys!
  26. Do you have trouble choosing paint colours or décor for your home? Are you looking to sell in the near future and need a fresh pair of eyes to guide you in making your home stand out from the rest? I AM that guy!

I know all of these folks and a whole lot more! They are people that I myself have given work to and been very happy with the results.

So, the next time you need ‘a guy’ for this or that, ask me and I will direct you to that guy! If you would like to be one of my ‘guys’, let me know and I will arrange for you to join us for breakfast on Visitors Day.

Thank you,

Catherine Menard
Groovy Chick Redesign and Home Staging