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3 Senses that will Affect the Sale of Your Home

We are emotional creatures and make purchases based on emotion.  Buying a home is no different.  We are ruled by our senses and the 3 senses that can make or break a deal are:

  1. Sight.  We like pretty things.  We like to imagine ourselves living in a home that is current, trendy, clean, and move in ready!  We don’t like to see clutter, personal ‘stuff’, too many colours, a mish-mash of furniture, patterns, etc.  It must ‘look’ inviting and not offend our sense of sight.multiple outdoor wires
  2. Smell.  We like pleasant smells.  They take us back to a special time, place, memory. Smell brings up those old emotions.  Anything foreign or unpleasant smelling will offend our sense of smell.
    ashtray full of cigarettes
  3. Sound.   We like calm when we come home from a hard day’s work.  We like to read a good book, listen to music, meditate, play with the kids, enjoy our space.  That is all taken away from us when we hear loud noises, sudden sounds, constant droning.  It offends our sense of hearing.
    overhead shot of plane
    These 3 senses rule our emotions.  If a buyer’s senses feel in any way ‘offended’, they will not make an offer on a home.  However, not all homes are ideally situated on a cul-de-sac or back onto a greenbelt.  Some homes are in close proximity to highways, airports, train tracks, manufacturing plants, and the like.  These homes need some help to lessen the negatives and to show off some positive features.  A staging professional will help to attract potential buyers and make them feel welcome!  Now, you may not live near any of these unsightly places but we are creatures of habit and what we accept, or overlook as part of our home may be a big ‘miss’ to potential buyers.  We may not even realize for example, that our cooking or pet smells are a turn-off to others.  Family and friends may be too timid to tell you so.  Something may have bothered us initially about our home, but we got used to seeing it, paid less attention to it, and eventually didn’t even notice it.  We forgot that it bothered us in the first place, and that old feeling of yours will be your buyer’s own first impression. A third party will tell you the truth and help you to circumvent those problem areas.  The staging professional will know what will get those buyers in through your doors and want to buy your home.

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